Jumbo Homemade Chocolate Easter Egg.

Is there a better way to celebrate Easter than, going for a Easter egg hunt with your kids? If you’d like to make this event even more special and memorable, we would recommend making your own chocolate Easter eggs. You might even want to gather all your mum-friends around, and do a whole day long workshop, where you can all make some chocolate Easter eggs for your kids, and just have fun day together with your friends.


When it comes to Easter eggs, there are two types. Ones that are just solid chocolate, and then the ones that are more fun, and have some sort of filling in them. So, the choice is yours, and the filled ones are definitely more special, as it adds the extra surprise that the kids aren’t expecting.

You can buy chocolate Easter egg moulds from most of the cake shops, and during the Easter time, perhaps even from the supermarkets.

You would also need some good quality chocolate, that would melt nicely, and would be delicious to eat. For the jumbo chocolate Easter eggs, you would also need to choose the filling. Smaller Easter eggs, lollies, bikkies, pretty much anything you and your kids would fancy.

To start with, you need to melt down your chocolate. The easiest way to do it, is by a microwave, it’s quick and saves you heaps of time. Once the chocolate is nicely melted, pour it in your Easter egg moulds, and give it a good swirl around. You want to cover the mould completely with chocolate, so you would have nice even and thick chocolate shell. Once the chocolate starts to set, you can place it in the fridge, taking it out every now and then, and giving it another swirl, until all the chocolate has set.

Now this is not time to take the chocolate out of the moulds. It might look like it’s all hard and set. In reality, it’s still too soft, and would probably break, when you try to remove it from the mould.

It can take quite a few hours until it’s ready to come out from the fridge. So, use this time, to decide what you’d like to fill your chocolate Easter egg with.

Once you’ve removed the Easter egg moulds from the fridge, it’s time to take the chocolate out from the mould. Gently flip the mould over, and give it a slight tap, the eggshell should release from the mould, looking nice and shiny and set.

Now it’s time to start filling the chocolate Easter egg. Don’t be stingy and fill up one of the halves right to the top, and you can have even a small pile on the filling. Heat up a cookie sheet and take the second half of the chocolate Easter egg. Flat side down, place it on the cookie sheet, and let the chocolate melt, just slightly. Moving quickly, so the chocolate, won’t have time to set, place it on top of the filled half of the Easter egg. And voila, you have your own homemade chocolate Easter egg, that is so much better than the store-bought ones. Your kids will love it!!