Why You Should Use Benjamin Moore’s Aura Paint Instead of Their Natura Paint

As far again as I can keep in mind I’ve used Benjamin Moore colorings for myself and my patron’s projects. They have a advanced product variety at a exquisite fee point.! Up until some years in the past, I wasn’t too familiar with their new line of green, low voc paints (voc stands for volatile organic compounds), so you may want to believe my hesitation in the usage of those inexperienced products.

My first thought changed into “Oh no, my clients are going to invite me to use this paint due to the fact they noticed it advertised as low or no voc containing paints, and being the great dressmaker that I am, I turned into going to need to oblige (or have a sincerely correct reason not to apply them)”. So, I went out and acquired a can of each, to test them out, as I become operating on a kitchen at the time that changed into in desperate want of new paint colorings.

First of all, the charge of the brand new green line of paints have been marginally higher than Benjamin Moore’s “everyday” base paint, so I become glad that they had been offering a inexperienced product that failed to break the bank like some other inexperienced merchandise! There are 3 of them: Aura, Natura , and Eco Spec…I implemented each to the partitions of the kitchen I was renovating, and here’s what I observed…

Aura: The Aura paint has low voc’s, low smell, and is mould resistant. The first-class element I like approximately using Aura paint is that the paint contains the primer in it, so there’s no want to top the walls first. That saves money and time, and quite a whole lot offsets the better price of the Aura paint when you consider that you would have to buy primer with their standard line base paints.The Aura paint blanketed the nice! The color didn’t saturate and it dried really brief. If I had had to add every other coat, I probable should have done so simply two hours after the first software!
Natura: If you’re in reality a stickler about voc’s, Benjamin Moore’s Natura paint carries NO voc’s, in preference to Aura’s LOW voc content. It also changed into clearly odorless, and dried very quickly, similar to the Aura paint. The Natura paint, once I carried out it, did not cover well. It turned into like I was portray with watercolors! (Well, now not that horrific!) In Natura’s protection though, I applied a 2d and 1/3 coat, all inside the span of approximately four hours, and became subsequently able to attain my favored result. Remember even though, Natura does NOT incorporate primer, consequently I had to prime the walls first. If you are painting numerous walls or ceilings, you will have to buy lots of the Natura paint!
Eco Spec: Eco Spec, being a industrial grade paint, became outstanding. Benjamin Moore;’s Eco Spec line of paints carries NO voc’s, is odorless, and is mold resistant. The is the paint of preference for most business interior jobs. Even even though I needed to prime the wall first, the Eco Spec blanketed thoroughly, and turned into about $10 inexpensive than Natura.
So, there you’ve got it! In a nutshell, Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint changed into the nice cover and least time eating, since the primer is already in the paint. If you in my view feel, or the activity your working on requires the paint you operate to be completely voc unfastened, then Eco Spec is your first-class preference!

Once you’ve got made an informed decision on which Benjamin Moore coloration to use, test out my page on Kitchen Color Schemes that will help you decide what paint style is exceptional for you. Happy Painting!

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Justin Schlenger, the author of this text, is a professional kitchen and tub designer based out of New York City. His recommendation is unbiased and he simply places himself inside the footwear of his readers with a purpose to supply them the nice kitchen layout hints and recommendation available.